Bleak and Unbearable

Well, here I am…but not for what you might think.  Not politics.  i am totally disillusioned.  I don’t even watch the news anymore.  i clicked on and heard, “Will they avoid the fiscal cliff?’ and I almost vomited.  It is a joke and, for the sake of my mental health, I bought out before I blew a gasket.  They are going to do what they want to do and we can’t stop it.  All we can do is prepare for when the govt’s policies lead inevitably towards either societal collapse and conquest or a One World Govt where Spanky Moon tells me I can’t say “Merry Christmas.”  I am ready for either…or both.

Anyway, i said I would be back to comment on cultural stupidity and POOF!…Here I am.

I watched a movie I had not seen in a while.  It was an alien invasion flick.  “Skyline.”  Pretty good…but I notice weird shit in movies.

This is what I noticed in Skyline:  Aliens are invading.  If you look at the light your veins freak out.  Crazy alien tentacle grab you and pull you into a claw, where you are poked into a mouth by 4 long spiky finger nail thingies.  A few are surviving in a building.  Then one chick decides to LEAVE the security of the group, risk having her veins all fucked up and being air-tighted into and alien mouth-hole.  Why?  She’s pregnant and someone in room lit a cigarette.  Really?  Are you fucking kidding me?  Aliens are conquering earth and exterminating mankind and you are worried about a debunked 20 year old study?

dadaDaDaDADADA…..That’s Hollywood!

Here’s another one for ya:  Battleship.  GREAT flick.  But what is the message?  “Go ahead.  Be a screw up all your life. Never listen to anyone.  break every rule just because you are ‘the rebellious type.’  Your time will come.  If you can last it out and show 2 minutes of humility when you have no other choice, you, TOO can save the world.  It’s all a matter of TIMING.”

Yeah, I bet that movie, and it is a really good fil, went over big with the adult, living-in-Mom’s-basement, video game players who said to themselves, “Yeah…people just need to see and appreciate that people like me have a different perspective that doesn’t conform to their capitalistic agenda…..Mom, will you make me a Hot Pocket?”

I think I am Don Quixote reincarnated…. charging windmills.  I am not worried.  I have a feeling that, soon, those “windmills” are gonna “come tumblin’ down” ( JCM 4u JTR).  When that happens, those Pie Boys are gonna shake the dust from their dreds and say, “Can I get a mochacino double latte with extra foam?” to which I will be able, in such a post-apuckerliptic world, be able to respond, “Nay! But ye can take minest lance in thine eye socket….AH!…so THERE is the ‘extra cream.'”

Hopefully…one day… we will get back to “the good old days” when movies had Socially Redeeming qualities.  Movies like…Romeo and Juliet…the Taming of the Shrew… West Side Story… Grease… A ClockWork Orange… and First Blood (NO, it is not called “Rambo” so “Rambo 2” made no sense at all, right?  Don’t forget Scarface and The Godfather, especially parts I and II).  Did I mention Devil’s Rejects and Rob Zombie’s remakes of Haloween I and II?  CLASSIC!

You know…movies that taught people what REALLY matters!

And the answer to your question:  42


That Damned Enlightenment

Western Civilization is on the decline as we know it, folks.  Awww…don’t be too sad.  We had a good run, didn’t we?  Boat Drinks all around.

I blame The Enlightenment.  That was when we started getting too smart by half, thinking that is we could TALK enough and REASON then we could explain away reality itself.

Rene Decartes can Rene Kiss-My-Ass.  “I think therefore I am”?  WTF is that?  No, you ARE in my way and I WILL roll through you whether you are self-aware or not.  All of a sudden, reality became what WE could define it as so, if we come up with more and better words we can change reality, right.

Maybe it will be good when SOCIETY collapses.  It can be like WorldWide Fight Club!  I call Brad Pitt.  He is such a Pretty Boy.  I bet he would cry if you smacked him in real life.  GEESH! Hadn’t they ever heard of FEET?  Oh, yeah…that was in the OLD days of Hollywood, before martial arts.

Siesta Time!

Well, my loyal Injun PEEPS…I am going to take a political sebatical, until something pisses me off tomorrow.  The Game is fixed, no one is listening and I am sick of being offended when I turn on the television while people use WORDS to explain to me why The Enlightenment supersedes millinea of existence.  The next time someone presumes the arrogance of impunity, I may have to invite them out for coffee and a discussion.

I am offended and outraged so I’ll just bow out now so that Capitol police Special Agent Brad doesn’t feel the need to speak with me again.

I will absolutely still demean idiocy regularly, but as far as GOVT…i have lost my faith….a pox on all of them.

:sniff sniff: Do I Smell Disparity?

This is not going to be long because there are still too many more questions than answers.  I am just sensing a little something here.

Do you remember when he-who-was-not-to-be-named went into a theater in Colorado and killed people?  The media was outraged at the coverage they themselves were providing.  They couldn’t stop talking about it because it was developing news, but they started saying “the shooter” so as not to provide CELEBRITY for the suspect.

Fast Forward:

Jovan Belcher Jovan Belcher Jovan Belcher.

Hold on a second.  He has had “domestic issues” before.  he shot his girlfriend nine times in front of his mother.  He apologized to his mother for the horror he just forced her to watch.  His kissed on the forehead the woman he just shot to death.  Then he drove to Arrowhead stadium and INFLICTED on others a vision they will never being able to burn from their minds after thanking them for the opportunity they gave him.  “You made me a pro ball player.  F*ck you very much.”

And people are blaming guns and football?

Bob Costas was right.  i do not believe he was talking about the “gun culture” as in America with a 2nd Amendment.  He was talking about a “gun culture” in which young blacks glorify a THUG-Life and everyone wants to be a Gansta.  Watch Quentin Tarantino’s “Jackie Brown” and listen to Samuel L. Jackson, who tells everyone to Wake The F*ck Up and vote for Obama but makes his movies in Canada to avoid Obama’s taxes and LABOR restrictions.  Jackson accurately states that, if an ACTION Movie comes out, whatever gun is COOL in the movie is popular on the street.  I am putting it rather more delicately than Mr. Let-Me-Call-Everyone-Racist Jackson did in the movie.

 Samuel L was right.  I saw it in Little Rock every day.  It was UNWISE to leave after dark.  Denny’s, or ANYWHERE else could just have easily been called “Wrong Place/Wrong Time” for anyone.  The River Walk, where the tourists go, reported over 600 crimes this year alone because the local predators knew that DOWNTOWN was the watering hole at which the “prey” would conglomerate.  The Welfare Queen I knew there told me to be careful.  “They’ll just shoot your ass here.”  THAT is the mentality that is being promoted urban under-educated culture.

When China stops loaning us money and society screeches to a halt amidst Greek-style protests, the THUGs and GANSTAs are the Roving Bands that will initially control a Road Warrior type world.  Obama wants to take away OUR guns and the police will be too busy with PR and singing Kum Ba Yah with molotov wielding Occupiers to prevent being overrun and clubbed like baby seals.

Am I crazy?  Why..yes, I am.  Crazy like a fox <wink>.  Thank you very much. 

As If I Needed A Reminder

It’s 3:27 AM, Thursday, November 22, 2012.  Thanksgiving.  Obama won but all the news isn’t bad.  Meg and I are moving to West Virginia today (the cool, pretty part).  She’ll be getting up in 2 hours and we’ll leave.

I have been a student of politics for a long time.  I was disillusioned for a while.  Being in Little Rock has been interesting.  If nothing else, my interest in politics and faith in this here American Experiment has been renewed.

This has been in no small part to the office and representation of Rep Tim Griffin (R-AR).  The dude wrote me messages on Facebook, man!  Talk about Andrew Jackson-like accessibility!  And his local office…omg.   Here and now, …Jason McGee deserves credit.  Can you imagine ME?…on the other end of a phone?  Talk about crazy!  Once, I kid you not, I had Capitol Police Special Agent Brad talking to me on the phone.  He said he was going to send some local boys out.  I was on the phone with Jason when they showed up.  “OH!  I am just emphatic.  Not dangerous.” I said to the po-po while holding out the telephone saying, “I have my Congressman’s guy on the phone now.  Wanna ask HIM if I am OK?”  Thank you, Jason!

And, let me say this, too…and this hurts…..  The cops in Little Rock are decent.  Unlike the town from which I moved from, the police here are NOT looking for bullsh*t reasons to arrest people.

AR Sen John Boozman is another good guy.  He actually SIGNED letters. NOT form letters…REAL letters specifically addressed to my policy questions.  For a political junkie like me that kind of stuff is the equivalent of Elvis’ jock-strap.

All this may seem silly to you all, but I am a wide-eyed Jeffersonian Optomist and this kind of engagement reawakened me.  I am thankful to Arkansas for that.

May it never be said I am not fair.  I give credit where credit is due….and I have.

Now, let me pull the string that ties this all together.

Have there been benefits from being here?  Yes?  But there is a lot I won’t miss.

I won’t miss the piss-poor customer service.  I have dealt with the public my whole life, many years as a professional waiter, and I KNOW Customer Service.  Many down here act like they are doing you a favor when they turn from their cell-phone conversations to help you.

I won’t miss the lecherous, primal rutting Neanderthals that pass as MEN down here….gawking, drooling and constantly trying to sidle up to my wife, trying to convince her that it’s OK for her to give them her number because they just want to be friends and they don’t care about her husband.  Oh, they should care.  They should care very much.  If they don’t….well….I’ll buy them a cup of coffee and explain it.

I won’t miss the self-indulgent attitudes.  I won’t miss driving down Colonel Glenn and seeing groups of thugs.  I won’t miss being afraid to be outside.

Which brings me back to my point.  I won’t miss the RANDOM GUNSHOTS that ring out through the night…every night.  3:27 AM….BANG!…..pause…BANG!  Regularly.

I knew someone who was a server at a Denny’s here.  She went outside to smoke.  5 minutes after she went back inside someone was shot in the parking lot.

I haven’t lived everywhere but I have lived a few places.  This city is the most consistently aggressively violent place I have ever lived.  I can hardly wait to leave!

Forget Elmo. Where’s Leon?

Susan Rice Susan Rice Susan Rice.  All I hear about is Susan Rice.  Finally people are asking the IMPORTANT questions like, “Where is everyone else?”

Once again, I notice things.  When ALIENS came out I saw it a few dozen times and noticed LOTS of editing errors.  When Ripley is in the Monster Forklift and fighting the Queen Bitch, Ripley grabs the Queen Bitch and they fall into the open airlock and the yellow flashing light on top of the Monster Forklift smashes.  HOWEVER, after Ripley and the Queen Bitch fall into the airlock, the yellow flashing light on the top of the Monster Forklift IS WORKING AGAIN.  That ruined the whole movie for me.  It’s like wrestling.  Take the time to make it look good.  When I first started watching “Grimm” it was a conscious effort in the suspension of disbelief.  I am still trying to figure out how that Asian police Sgt can EVERYWHERE doing EVERYTHING…messages in the office, first on the crime scene, doing CSI stuff.  Does he provide the “analysis” of all drugs that are “confiscated” (yeah, right)?

For some reason, Meg becomes frustrated with me when we watch television.

But I answer to a HIGHER calling so, I endured the Spatula Beating I was receiving after I paused the DVR.  I knew I had found THE answer to THE question.  No, not “42.” 

The question is:  During all this Benghazi stuff, where has Leon Panetta been?

Well, I found him.


I uncovered Leon’s Secret Life while I was watching “the Amazing Race.”  Where’s Leon?  He is Moscow pursuing his new profession of Taxi Cab Driver.  And…oh look…he picked up one of Obama’s bad habits.

Moscow?  Dayum!  I guess Barack REALLY doesn’t want him to testify.

Bonjour, Pierre. Welcome to the Party!

Moody’s has downgraded Frances credit rating.  Anyone surprised?

This’ll be short and sweet because not a lot needs to be said…just this:  Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Spain, Italy…….now France?

Does anyone see a pattern here?

Not to be outdone, Obama’s cronies want to prove that American can do EVERYTHING better and faster, favorite economist Paul Krugman thinks we should Pull The Chain on our economy even faster and go back to an effective tax rate on “the rich” of 91%

12\12\12 IS coming.  Can Obama completely wreck everything in six weeks?  Has anyone checked the Mayan Dictionary?  I think maybe “End of the World” translates as “Obama.”


I wrote for EDITorialS (Edits) for The University Journal (one of the student newspapers at the University of Virginia) for two years.  Anyone heard of Larry Sabato?  I sat under his study for a minute or two.  He and I walked UVa’s Cabell Hall…(New Cabell…Old Cabell has no A/C and is unbearable during C’ville’s humid Augusts).  After that, he and I chatted on the phone about how Oliver North just wan’t “clicking” with moderate Republicans when he was running for the position of US Senator from Virginia.  I had an opportunity to be one of North’s delegates.  I was HIGH TONED back then.  I had some CREDIBILITY and the wind was at my back.  If I went to the Virginia Convention as a North delegate and North won the nomination, there was a potential for a POSITION with the North campaign and a FUTURE in politics.  I held the phone while standing in the walkway of my house, more than 100 miles from Charlottesville when Sabato picked up the phone.  He agreed that North was only connecting with Conservative Republicans and that, even though the Convention was close, the door was open for another participant.  Enter Marshall Coleman.

 I wrote a 750 word weekly editorial in a syndicated newspaper for two years, as well.  I predicted the coming BURST of the Housing Bubble in 2005 and aptly laid the blame at the feet of Bill Clinton with his Community ReInvestment Act and Barney Frank with his ridiculous defenses of the practices of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

My wife got sick of hearing “Greece” six months before it hit the news.  I said, “Spain” and she laughed.

While the US was befuddled by the Global Economy and Oil, I said that Oil Volatility would cyclically both BOOM and BUST both the Russian and Chinese economies.

Almost EVERY DAY I watch TV and EXPERTS corroborate with “Breaking News” something I have said hours/days/weeks ago.

No one pays me.  There is no acknowledgement.  Meg tries to make me feel good by saying things like, “Yep!  You called it again.”  It means a lot but coming from PLAYERS would be nice.  Actually, pouring myself out here is sometimes frustrating and painful.

So…..why continue?  Me or any of us, especially in the face of UTTER DISAPPOINTMENT we recently endured?

Maybe it’s because we BELIEVE in what the Founding Fathers saw.  Maybe it is because the TRUTH is like “fire in our bones.”  Maybe, like Buckcherry said, “I didn’t do it for money.  I did it all for free.  i did it to fill the fucking hole inside of me.”

I write because I HAVE to.  I MUST speak.  It’s better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.

Really Twitter? Seriously?

I have been saying it all along and no one believes me.  I am NOT just being paranoid.  THEY ARE out to get me and THEY ARE watching.  THEY don’t like me much.

Twitter suspended me again.  I am so bad.

The first time it was for abusing the “@” REPLY feature.  Yeah…I tore that thing up!  After Stacy Dash was attacked so viciously on Twitter for supporting Mitt Romney and then Melissa Joan Hart got death threats for the same thing, I was angry.  I went straight to her Twitter page, read the offensive comments and, to three of the commenters, I said they were “trashy.”

Seriously.  That’s it.  My abuse of the REPLY feature was telling three assholes that they were “trashy.”

So, I promised not to do it anymore.  I have better things to do than go looking for IDIOTS.

Now I’ve been suspended again.  This time Aggressive FOLLOWing was mentioned.  Aggressive FOLLOWing is when a person, for no other reasons than to get attention, FOLLOWs hundreds of people at a time and comments to everyone.  I did hit FOLLOW a lot yesterday.  My finger was tired.  I had to type out “Thanks for the FOLLOW!” like TEN times!…and that was because they FOLLOWed me first or someone I follow RT something they said.

Something like FOLLOW Churning was referred to as well.  That is when someone hits FOLLOW/UNFOLLOW repeatedly on the same person.  Yeah…right.  Do I seem like the kind of person who, if I UNFOLLOW you, you would EVER get another chance?

The last possible reason indicted was that, at 2,000 FOLLOWers, the number of additional people and individual can FOLLOW is limited by Twitter so things don’t get clogged up.  I have (had?) a few over 300 people that FOLLOWed my twitter feed.

So…you tell me.  Facebook KICKED OFF the SEALs because Facebook didn’t like the politics.  Of course, I am no SEAL.  No one really pays attention to me….except Twitter, apparently.

Don’t worry.  I’ll be back.

IDIOT of the Day: Congratulations, You Win The Prize!



A dozen Congresswomen “came out” today in defense of Amb Susan Rice, the questions surrounding her and her Libya Fantasy and several Senators announcing they will do everything in their power to prevent Susan Rice from being the next Secretary of State.

The above-pictured, Marcia Fudge, is the next chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus.  She released a statement today from those Congresswomen saying, “It is a shame that any time something goes wrong, they pick on women and minorities.”

Are you kidding me?  First, who are “THEY?”  Can I say,”You people” without being called a racist or a sexist?  No?  Well fine, then…but fair is fair.

Marcia Fudge:  You are a racist and a sexist?

What’s wrong, my little Congressional chick-a-dees? Wittle gurl wants a big MAN job wike Ambassador to the UN but can’t handle the hard questions cause she is so small, weak and black?  hell, while we’re at it, let’s throw on “stupid” too.  Why not”  In for a penny, in for a pound, right?

Susan Rice wants to be Sec of State?  Fine.  We’ll play a Sec of State Game.  All the MORONS like Marcia Fudge can be Hamas and I’ll be BiBi.  I’ll stop openly mocking you AFTER you stop hurling CRAP BOMBS into the discussion.

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