Really Twitter? Seriously?

I have been saying it all along and no one believes me.  I am NOT just being paranoid.  THEY ARE out to get me and THEY ARE watching.  THEY don’t like me much.

Twitter suspended me again.  I am so bad.

The first time it was for abusing the “@” REPLY feature.  Yeah…I tore that thing up!  After Stacy Dash was attacked so viciously on Twitter for supporting Mitt Romney and then Melissa Joan Hart got death threats for the same thing, I was angry.  I went straight to her Twitter page, read the offensive comments and, to three of the commenters, I said they were “trashy.”

Seriously.  That’s it.  My abuse of the REPLY feature was telling three assholes that they were “trashy.”

So, I promised not to do it anymore.  I have better things to do than go looking for IDIOTS.

Now I’ve been suspended again.  This time Aggressive FOLLOWing was mentioned.  Aggressive FOLLOWing is when a person, for no other reasons than to get attention, FOLLOWs hundreds of people at a time and comments to everyone.  I did hit FOLLOW a lot yesterday.  My finger was tired.  I had to type out “Thanks for the FOLLOW!” like TEN times!…and that was because they FOLLOWed me first or someone I follow RT something they said.

Something like FOLLOW Churning was referred to as well.  That is when someone hits FOLLOW/UNFOLLOW repeatedly on the same person.  Yeah…right.  Do I seem like the kind of person who, if I UNFOLLOW you, you would EVER get another chance?

The last possible reason indicted was that, at 2,000 FOLLOWers, the number of additional people and individual can FOLLOW is limited by Twitter so things don’t get clogged up.  I have (had?) a few over 300 people that FOLLOWed my twitter feed.

So…you tell me.  Facebook KICKED OFF the SEALs because Facebook didn’t like the politics.  Of course, I am no SEAL.  No one really pays attention to me….except Twitter, apparently.

Don’t worry.  I’ll be back.


About John Woodard: Crazy Like A Fox

Constitutional-Libertarian. Augustine & SunTzu. East meets West. Irreverent hyperbole, acerbic wit and razor sharp points. No BS allowed! Imagine Ric Flair mixed with Winnie The Pooh while Pink Floyd and Buckcherry alternate in the background. I am Jack of all trades and a Master of none. Beat me if you can; Survive if I LET you.

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  1. Hey! I am sure you’ve been kicked out of better places. I look forward to being kicked off.

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