Siesta Time!

Well, my loyal Injun PEEPS…I am going to take a political sebatical, until something pisses me off tomorrow.  The Game is fixed, no one is listening and I am sick of being offended when I turn on the television while people use WORDS to explain to me why The Enlightenment supersedes millinea of existence.  The next time someone presumes the arrogance of impunity, I may have to invite them out for coffee and a discussion.

I am offended and outraged so I’ll just bow out now so that Capitol police Special Agent Brad doesn’t feel the need to speak with me again.

I will absolutely still demean idiocy regularly, but as far as GOVT…i have lost my faith….a pox on all of them.


About John Woodard: Crazy Like A Fox

Constitutional-Libertarian. Augustine & SunTzu. East meets West. Irreverent hyperbole, acerbic wit and razor sharp points. No BS allowed! Imagine Ric Flair mixed with Winnie The Pooh while Pink Floyd and Buckcherry alternate in the background. I am Jack of all trades and a Master of none. Beat me if you can; Survive if I LET you.

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  1. I’m listening, Big John…
    …but I don’t that matter much, in the Big Scheme…

    Of course, being in a new place, YOU have a whole new WORLD to experience.
    For instance, you now have Tudor’s Biscuit World nearby (…get the “Rocket” and a chocolate milk…), and all sorts of other new sights/sounds.

    Perhaps you’ll be quicker than I was in figuring out that a “holler” is a type of location, and not a reference to someone’s yell.
    Took me a while, I admit.

    Good luck in So-Chas…!

    • First…nonononono. I CANNOT live somewhere called SoChas. It is too efite. i would have to slap myself every time I said it. “Look at me, I live in SoChas.” BITCHSLAP!

      I am excited about Biscuit World. I am Southern by birth so biscuit sammiches and biscuits&gravy are STAPLES for me. Plus, Meg loves all kinds of bread, so she eats the biscuits and gives me her junk. GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER! She let’s me have the stuff off her biscuit sammich, too! (Plumb this one-Steve Martin-That cat was the best f*ck I’ve ever had.)

      I have taken the time to view this town. I have decided that I like it and will be happy to be KING of this place. Once they get to know me here, they will gladly install me, I am sure. My first decree: Biscuits for all! If I say that with a smile do you think they will notice I am channeling Marie Antoinette? Guilo-what? What can ya do? Everyone likes a little head, right? I DARE you to track that allusion down! LOL. If you can I will send you a button for my Presidential Campaign and it will only cost $47,000.

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