That Damned Enlightenment

Western Civilization is on the decline as we know it, folks.  Awww…don’t be too sad.  We had a good run, didn’t we?  Boat Drinks all around.

I blame The Enlightenment.  That was when we started getting too smart by half, thinking that is we could TALK enough and REASON then we could explain away reality itself.

Rene Decartes can Rene Kiss-My-Ass.  “I think therefore I am”?  WTF is that?  No, you ARE in my way and I WILL roll through you whether you are self-aware or not.  All of a sudden, reality became what WE could define it as so, if we come up with more and better words we can change reality, right.

Maybe it will be good when SOCIETY collapses.  It can be like WorldWide Fight Club!  I call Brad Pitt.  He is such a Pretty Boy.  I bet he would cry if you smacked him in real life.  GEESH! Hadn’t they ever heard of FEET?  Oh, yeah…that was in the OLD days of Hollywood, before martial arts.


About John Woodard: Crazy Like A Fox

Constitutional-Libertarian. Augustine & SunTzu. East meets West. Irreverent hyperbole, acerbic wit and razor sharp points. No BS allowed! Imagine Ric Flair mixed with Winnie The Pooh while Pink Floyd and Buckcherry alternate in the background. I am Jack of all trades and a Master of none. Beat me if you can; Survive if I LET you.

Posted on December 6, 2012, in Politics. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. How goes the whole West Virginia thing, partner?
    Hope you and the Missus are enjoying the new ‘digs’.

    It’s a neat place – if I hadn’t been promoted, I’d probably still live there.

    • Not too bad. So far, I have almost only SPRUNG on one person who walked up on me too quickly. It is a very nice place. I went up on The Mound, looked at Downtown South Charleston while perched on my trashcan throne and decided immediately that I will enjoy being KING of Podunkvillefieldchesterton.

      • The “Mound”, eh? Oh yeah…there’s part of my old stompin’ grounds.

        There used to be a place for breakfast/lunch over there: “The Farm Table”.
        Had GREAT food, good coffee and I was usually too full for dessert.

        IF it still exists (this WAS 13 years ago, after all), you should check it out.

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